Load Studies:
Reveal the unknown

Panel chart recordings for the safety and clarity of your electrical system

7-, 14- or 30-days Load Study can provide a full information about your real power consumption, reserves and potential issues

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Load Study helps with:
  • Saving money
    Sizing equipment right is essential. Generators, transformers, transfer switches. With the cost of the generator $900-$1200 per kW, you can expect a massive savings if say you was planning to install a 75kW generator, but in reality you need just 40kW one.
  • Safe operation of your electrical system
    If you are a facility manager, you need to know the reserves in each of your main distribution panels. To know which one is overloaded for preventive maintenance, which panel is almost free, to properly plan the development of your electrical system.
  • Load report
    You will get a Load Study Report, which shows currents and voltages on all phases, as well as kW and other essential parameters for the system design.
  • Where to connect EV chargers and heavy loads
    You will learn where and how much additional power equipment can be connected. Like EV chargers, additional office rooms, welding machines, etc. And how to upgrade the existing electrical system to do this, if the capacity is not enough.
Load study with Electrica
When you want to add new loads to an existing panel, the first thing you have to determine is whether the existing system will support the new loads. If you have a 400A service installed in a facility, can you add another 120A of load?

To answer this question you have to ask another one: what is the highest load the system carries now?

Often, designers and local AHJ will need to know these answers before they design or issue permits.

To determine the existing equipment's capacity, factor in the incoming conductor size, the ratings of the equipment, and space for new circuits. To determine present loading, you'll need to measure them.

Find out how your electrical system works with 3-, 7-, 14- or 30-days Load Study

It is ideal for organisations and houses concerned about their energy usage

Load studies benefit you company
  • User-controlled power calculation parameters
  • Compare & analyze multiple reports using graph analyzer
  • Catch non-linear effects of the grid
  • View power graph results
  • Evaluate critical & marginal limit violations
  • Record three-phase & single-phase systems
  • Record any length of time, from several hours to several weeks

Electrica - many years of impeccable work

We deliver effective solutions that rely on Load Studies and analysis.

Load study isn’t just for cost of service anymore. We can help you realize its full potential and better integrate it into your overall maintenance plan.

The Electrica team has extensive experience including multi-year end-use chart recording and metering studies associated with residential, multi-family, and commercial business sectors. Our engineers stay current with end-use load metering technology.

This saves you thousands of dollars in project costs and maintains the validity of the study.

We specialize in the latest applications and developments, combining engineering and technical capability, and are actively engaged with many clients at any given time.

Our Services
We install and connect an analyzing device to measure such parameters as: voltage, phase current, network frequency and equipment power consumption for a set time interval. After analyzing these parameters, recommendations are given for installing the equipment.
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Visit of a specialist to your site
Measuring electrical power network parameters for a set time
Inspection of the electrical distribution system
Analysing the results of measured electrical network parameters, preparation of a report
Connecting the chart recording hardware
Selection of equipment and recommendations

What do we monitor?

  • Distribution panels
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial building supply

  • Air conditioning / electrical heating systems
  • Server rooms / data centres
  • If you would like to learn more about why your business needs a load study, please contact us.
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We offer a full range of residential and commercial electrical services. Whether you need a charging station installed for your new electric vehicle, Lighting, electrical installations, you can rely on us. We guarantee honest and high quality service.
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We aim to become one of California’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging by installing smart home charging points for customers of Tesla. We want to help people adopt clean transport in their everyday lives by providing solutions for your home.
Installation and connection of lighting devices, installation of a new and modernization of the old lighting system of your home or office - we will carry out work of any complexity.

Complete or partial replacement of electrical wiring, assembly and installation of an electrical panel or its modernization, installation and replacement of sockets, switches - we have the most modern solutions for your home or office.

An electrical panel upgrade is often a good investment!

Some of the benefits of upgrading your panel include: increased safety, more circuits, future-proofing.

14-50 NEMA chargers are a type of pluggable device that plugs into an outlet. Some similar devices may be hard-wired to the power grid, thus restricting them from moving.

To determine the existing equipment's capacity, factor in the incoming conductor size, the ratings of the equipment, and space for new circuits. To determine present loading, you'll need to measure them.
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