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We work with all brand EV charges
Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for houses.

Plug in, unwind. Stay connected to the EV that drives you while you do the things that move you.
To date, Chevy has made three battery electric cars: the Bolt EV, the Chevy Spark EV, and the Chevy Volt.


Ultra-fast battery charging

Once installed, you can charge whenever you like – and the benefits of the Kia Charge Home Solution just keep on flowing
The Wall Charger is weatherproof, allowing for installation indoors or outdoors, and has Wi-Fi connectivity for OTA updates.
Simple and convenient: the installation service from Electica Inc
Charging at home - wake up to a freshly charged e-tron every day

You will never forget your first Mercedes EV experience

BMW Charging is the comprehensive program for electrified vehicles.

Volvo Charging offers a variety of charging options for electrified and hybrid vehicles.


Everything Lucid Air Drivers Need to Know About Charging an Electric Vehicle

Grizzl-E is a simple, powerful, heavy-duty, and portable electric vehicle charging station made in Canada and built to withstand the toughest conditions.
CHARGEPOINT charges any EV up to 9X faster than a normal wall outlet. Works with all electric cars, tested on leading EV models.
JuiceBox helps EV drivers everywhere save money and charge from the comfort of home, including one hardworking LA teacher who's saying "goodbye" to gas stations forever.
EvoCharge’s standard EVSE Level 2 charger is a simple plug-and-charge solution for the basic needs of charging your vehicle at home quickly and safely.
Clipper Creek provides Level 1 and Level 2 charging equipment and is considered the leader in non-networked EVSE for both residential and commercial.
Let our experts hand-build you an advanced charging in the USA based on proven OpenEVSE hardware.

VersiCharge offers smart solutions for reliable, convenient charging at home and variants for commercial needs.

Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy
The Smarter, Greener, Cheaper Way to Charge Your EV
One of the easiest ways to charge your car is at home
Discover the power of electricity monitoring with DCC-12 load monitor!
Electrica Inc is proud to say that it’s specialists use the industry-leading DCC-12 load monitor to help you keep track of your electricity usage. This high quality, reliable product is designed to help you save time and money by easily monitoring your electricity consumption. With our advanced technology, you can accurately detect any potential electrical problems and take action to correct them quickly and efficiently.

Take control of your energy usage and save money with DCC-12 load monitor! With this powerful device, you can easily identify trends in your electricity usage, determine how much energy each appliance or circuit is consuming, and even track historical data over time. You’ll also be able to set custom alerts so you can make sure that your energy bills don’t get out of hand.
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    We aim to become one of California’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging by installing smart home charging points for customers of Tesla. We want to help people adopt clean transport in their everyday lives by providing solutions for your home.
    Installation and connection of lighting devices, installation of a new and modernization of the old lighting system of your home or office - we will carry out work of any complexity.

    Complete or partial replacement of electrical wiring, assembly and installation of an electrical panel or its modernization, installation and replacement of sockets, switches - we have the most modern solutions for your home or office.

    An electrical panel upgrade is often a good investment!

    Some of the benefits of upgrading your panel include: increased safety, more circuits, future-proofing.

    14-50 NEMA chargers are a type of pluggable device that plugs into an outlet. Some similar devices may be hard-wired to the power grid, thus restricting them from moving.

    To determine the existing equipment's capacity, factor in the incoming conductor size, the ratings of the equipment, and space for new circuits. To determine present loading, you'll need to measure them.
    Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in San Jose
    Electrica is a leader in the installation of EV charging in San Jose
    Electrica supports green solutions and is a leading installer of elective vehicle charging ports. We provide a safe and reliable single-source solution for your EV charging stations. We have great experience in installation of EV charging. Over years of experience, we have accumulated solutions that are exactly right for you.
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    Turnkey solutions
    Project management to control the entire installation process from permits to compliance. Turnkey solutions for EV charging station installation, upgrades, and preventative maintenance.
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    Perfect EV charger installations for years of work

    To date, Electrica has completed the installation of a large number of EV chargers. We’ve provided countless residential and commercial customers the convenience of quality, efficient, safe and reliable EV charger installations in California. Our experienced and licensed technicians are eager to help you install the equipment and circuits required to charge your electric vehicle in no time at all / fast - you can hang your hat on that!
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    Installed car charger 48A 240V. Duration < 1 day
    Installed car charger 48A 240V. Duration < 1 day
    Installed car charger 48A 240V. Duration < 1 day
    Installed car charger 48A 240V. Duration < 1 day
    New LED lights instead of old mercury ones. Duration < 1 day
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